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I would warmly like to welcome you to the Bekkers Autoschade Groep website. Because you can never know when your car will be damaged, our team is ready to assist you round the clock. At Bekkers, you will meet friendly professionals who will take great care of you and your car. Driven by passion and ambition, we want to be proud of our work and the best in car body repair. Innovating every day and investing in training and technology is embedded in our DNA. Doing this makes our people the top of the league in their profession and they work with equipment that meets the strictest requirements. Why do we operate in this way? Because we know that it guarantees that we can offer you the best service.

What does it mean for you as a customer? Peace of mind and confidence.


After any damage has been repaired by Bekkers, your car will be safe again. This would seem obvious, but it is unfortunately not always the case. Because of the price war among insurance companies, a large number of body shops opt to repair only the bare essentials. On the outside of your car, you do not notice anything wrong, but on the inside, your car could be even less safe and poorly repaired. This means you are more at risk when driving and the value of your car is likely to decrease should you decide to trade it in.


At Bekkers, we invest heavily in training our people. We have, for example, set up our own Bekkers Academy and our employees hone their skills by taking professional training courses, frequently organised by the manufacturers of the cars we actually work on and because we work in this way, we can repair any type of damage according to the factory specifications. Bekkers Autoschade Groep has obtained factory approval from a range of car manufacturers that include Bentley, Kia, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover and many others. We have been given various environmental awards and certificates. For us, winning prizes is not an objective in itself, it simply confirms that we are doing things in the right way.


At Bekkers, we believe in investing in the future and putting words into action. Our motivation? We want to be and remain the best. Our drive stems from our aim to do everything we can for our customers. It’s a matter of respect. Our customers trust us with their car and can count on damage being repaired to perfection. It gives them the kind of peace of mind that they can count on at Bekkers as a matter of course. We would be glad to assist you!



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