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A Porsche is always in good hands with Bekkers Autoschade

Ad Geerts is the managing director of the Eindhoven and Limburg Porsche Centres. When it comes to damage repair, both centres know they have an external partner they can rely on: Bekkers Autoschade in Eindhoven.

"Our teamwork is based on years of experience. Bekkers Autoschade stands for quality, expertise and flexibility. The damage repair company we use has to be able to work with the highly innovative and complex technology incorporated in Porsche cars. Bekkers invests in people and technology, which is vitally important for us," says Ad Geerts. "Every Porsche is repaired according to the 'Porsche Approved’ quality standards. Most repair shops cannot offer this level of service because they do not have the necessary ‘Porsche expertise’. In-depth knowledge of what goes on under the hood is also absolutely essential when repairing bodywork.


It's safe to say that Bekkers Autoschade is an expert in Porsche engines, drive systems, electronics, cooling systems and related components. As a Porsche dealer, we think it's fantastic that Bekkers Autoschade thinks with us from our perspective and delivers what our customers – Porsche drivers – want. This goes a lot further than how much damage will cost to repair. In fact, as our preferred supplier, Bekkers Autoschade has a position of trust. Another key factor is the open communication that our service staff have with the people at Bekkers Autoschade. It literally makes the distance between our companies smaller. In short: we think that Bekkers Autoschade is a great company to work with!"

Two successful companies with the same DNA

Who has never heard of the spectacular showroom of Louwman Exclusive located right next to the A2 near Utrecht and forming part of the noise barrier? You can see the luxury cars when driving on the motorway. We are convinced that just about every car enthusiast would love to come and have a look. We have good news for all these people.


Managing Director Arjen van Beek and After Sales Manager André Bouwman warmly welcome you. However, this morning we are the guests of Bekkers Autoschade, represented by the managers Harry and Danny Bekkers. Our two companies have officially worked together since 1 August and Bekkers Autoschade is the exclusive damage-repair partner for a number illustrious car makes such as McLaren, Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lexus and Morgan.


'Bekkers Car damage rarely or never drops a stitch'

Autobedrijf Winters has been an independent Mitsubishi dealer based in Valkenswaard and Weert for exactly 21 years. In 2003, both branches expanded to become KIA dealers, and in 2009, Weert also became a Suzuki dealer. Autobedrijf Winters has a total workforce of 40 people.

Managing director Marcel Winters and Harry Bekkers got to know each other when they became neighbours in 1998. They had mutual respect for each other's approach to work, and the high level of quality and service. This quickly led to collaboration between the two companies and Autobedrijf Winters supplying vehicles for Bekkers Autoschade's fleet of 'loan cars'. "In all the years that we have worked together, Bekkers Autoschade has never dropped the ball. The concept of 'customer delight' is implemented to the fullest extent at all the Bekkers Autoschade service centres. When you walk in through the door, you think that you are in a hotel instead of a repair shop. You can tell that Bekkers Autoschade strives to achieve perfection in every way from the choice of interior fixtures and fittings, the modern equipment and the work method.


The people at Bekkers Autoschade are always pleasant to work with. It really is a leading company and it makes no concessions to quality. It's particularly remarkable that this does not lead to higher prices. On the contrary, if you weigh the level of quality against the prices Bekkers Autoschade is probably the cheapest choice!

'The attention to detail is noticeable at Bekkers Autoschade'

Frank Baudoin has almost thirty years of experience as a car dealer. As the 'Muzenberg’ Mazda dealer, he works closely with Bekkers Autoschade because he is convinced of the high level of quality that the company provides.

"Mazda gives a 12-year guarantee on the bodywork and it remains in effect if any damage is repaired by an approved company like Bekkers Autoschade. Good teamwork is just as important. They are a great bunch of people to work with. Any problems are solved immediately and everything is taken care of down to the last detail. The level of service is optimal. We recently had a customer who came in to pick up his car and was astonished by how clean it was. We already knew of course that Bekkers Autoschade delivers each car completely cleaned inside and out! Another example involves a car that had crashed sideways against a post. When it came back from Bekkers Autoschade, even the tiny scratch in the petrol tank filler cap had been fixed.


The people at Bekkers Autoschade see this kind of thing before you even think about it. Well done! They treat each car as if it were their own. We also like Bekkers Autoschade because we share the same philosophy: quality and service are top priority and only the best is good enough."


'Police cars have to be back on the road as quickly as possible'

The Southeast Brabant police force has a fleet of 450 vehicles, 120 of which are brightly painted patrol cars. The fleet contains widely ranging types of vehicles for detectives, arrest teams and other departments like traffic patrol. Leo Arts is the “operational mobility process manager" or fleet manager and responsible for purchasing, selling, construction, maintenance and damage repair.


According to Leo, "The cars are owned by the police and are serviced in our own workshop. We only outsource damage repair to third parties. We used to have a list of 35 companies spread across the region that we could contact to do this, but we have now chosen one company that can repair any type of damage to our vehicles: Bekkers Autoschade. We chose Bekkers Autoschade because of the high standards it sets for quality, reliability and service. Bekkers Autoschade not only uses the most modern equipment, it also always keeps to its agreements and the work is done by competent professionals. Our cars must be available 24 hours a day. If they ever become damaged, Bekkers Autoschade immediately springs into action. This was one of the things we agreed in advance."


Besides fast service and highly professional work, the ability of Bekkers Autoschade to think with the police is also guaranteed. Because of the cost aspects, we always have to try to save money anywhere we can without compromising safety. According to Leo, "we never think it's a problem if a bumper or mudguard does not necessarily need to be replaced and can be neatly repaired and sprayed over instead. Bekkers Autoschade always makes sure that our cars look brand new and they also take care of the stripes and lettering. Leo is also pleased with the Bekkers Autoschade service centres in Valkenswaard and Helmond. "The location is favourable for our region, which certainly helps the speed of service.

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